Wine and fruit service for 3 nights stay
About Us

As Alaçati lovers who are dedicated to tourism, we created Palas Alaçati by exposing our labour, knowledge and experience.

We worked hard to create the place where our guests can rest and relax, so we opened our gates in 2016.

With its permanent wind, waveless and shallow sea, being one of the most special surfing centers in the world and one of the most important holiday villages in our country...

The best quality foods chosen with care
A Delicious Breakfast

In Palas Alaçatı Hotel, where our work meets with knowledge and experience, Alaçatı's famous Turkish style mixed breakfast experience starts at 09:00 in the morning and continues throughout the day.

You can have your mixed breakfast with local products of the region under palm trees, in a lush garden, or in the lobby.

For this breakfast, it is enough to wake up in Palas Alaçatı's rooms with a fireplace and jacuzzi.

Palas Alaçatı


As one of Turkey's most popular holiday resorts and top summer places of the vacationers, Alaçatı is a town connected to İzmir's Çeşme district.

You will have so much fun on the azure beaches of Alaçatı, a small but charming town, and have a great time walking along the cobblestone streets surrounded by bougainvilleas and geraniums.

With Its Unique Design

The Photos of Our Hotel

Every detail that will meet the expectations of a hotel has been recognized and applied for you. In addition to being a famous holiday destination, you can find a place for yourself and have a great holiday experience in the hotel, where the historical streets and architectural structure of Alaçatı are reflected.

In order to see more than you feel, you can find all the details of Palas Alaçatı here.

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